Tue. Sep 27th, 2022
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Magic Mushrooms with Cannabis (Weed)

If you are a cannabis infrequent user and have little experience with psychedelic substances, we strongly advise against combining it with magic mushrooms!

Cannabis on psychedelics can lead to paranoid thoughts that are difficult to get out of on your own.

We know that particularly regular weed users (daily to several times a week) tend to combine cannabis carelessly.

This mostly gives them a familiar feel as it adds a cannabis note to the psilocybin experience. In our opinion, however, this detracts from the true Buy Psychedelics Canada experience, which is why we advise against it in this case – especially if it becomes mentally challenging for you.

Cannabis greatly enhances the effects of shrooms and can quickly turn a weaker experience into a strong one.

If you still don’t want to give up on weed, then by all means consume it towards the end of the psychedelic journey.

Magic Mushrooms with MDMA (Ecstasy)

The mix of magic mushrooms and the empathogen MDMA is called the Hippie Flip. The effect can be described as a psilocybin high, given a loving touch by the effects of the MDMA

If all goes well. However, mixing these two powerful psychoactive substances should only be attempted by experienced psychedelics users .

These substances combined allow you to perceive new stimuli extremely intensively, which is why less experienced users are often overwhelmed by the strong effects of MDMA.

Just like MDMA, a shroom trip can be calm and leisurely or energetic and activating. When the two go against each other (let’s say the shrooms make you want to rest, MDMA makes you want to dance), you get very restless because neither feels right.

Many reports of negative experiences with this mixture stem from users’ recklessness or inexperience with at least one of the two substances.

If you have sufficient experience with both substances, we recommend taking MDMA 3 hours after taking the shrooms (set a timer!).

In this way, you are gently transitioned from the peak of psilocybin into MDMA and can devote your attention to both substances without being overwhelmed.

Magic mushrooms with 2C-B

  • The effects of 2C-B are perceived by many users as a “light version” of LSD or magic mushrooms. It is often used to intensify or prolong an experience.
  • The euphoric effects of the 2C-B can add some kick and boost to the magic mushroom experience.
  • Again, be very careful with the dosage. Especially with combinations of different substances, unexpected or undesirable effects can quickly occur.
  • Never mix substances to distract from an emotionally draining moment on psychedelics. If you want to combine 2C-B with magic mushrooms, we recommend taking the 2C-B after the peak magic mushroom experience, around 3.5 hours after ingestion (set the timer!).

Magic mushrooms with LSD

Psilocybin mushrooms are often used to intensify or prolong an LSD trip. Since the effect of both substances is described as being quite similar, there are no special effects that occur through this combination.

Magic mushrooms with ketamine

Ketamine is used in medicine as an anesthetic and as an intoxicant on the black market. Ketamine numbs the senses on the one hand, but also exhibits psychedelic effects such as pseudo-hallucinations and a sense of merging with the environment on the other.

The combination with psychedelics should be treated with caution , as ketamine can weaken or even numb their psychedelic effects.

However, this does not lead to a weaker psychedelic experience, but to a change in perception, which can cause the user to feel uncomfortable.

If you want to mix ketamine with magic mushrooms, we recommend starting with a very small dose of ketamine.

15mg of ketamine (8mg of S-ketamine) is usually enough to provide adequate perception of ketamine, as psilocybin will boost ketamine.

Magic Mushrooms with Amphetamine (Speed)

  • We strongly advise against mixed use of amphetamine and psychedelics! At this point, it doesn’t matter how well you know both substances.
  • Amphetamine increases your heart rate, alertness and alertness and reduces your need for sleep and rest.
  • You will then feel these effects many times greater through the magic mushrooms, since your entire perception has already been intensified.
  • This often leads to a very tiring feeling of restlessness, nervousness and stress.
  • The effects of psilocybin are more than enough to increase one’s alertness. You can be sure that you will not fall asleep on magic mushrooms. And if you do, then listen to your body. You will definitely have interesting dreams.

Magic mushrooms with alcohol

Alcohol belongs to the group of depressants. These numb your senses and make you feel your body less. Magic mushrooms open your senses and enhance your perception.

We think that doesn’t go together. When it comes to psilocybin experiences, it is very important that you listen carefully to your needs.

You’re definitely giving away some of the substance’s potential if you drink alcohol before or during it.

In particular, we advise you not to “drink courage”, because that doesn’t work in front of or on mushrooms.

If you’re scared or very excited about the experience, immerse yourself in that feeling and ask yourself if you’re really ready.

If you feel insecure or anxious during your experience, see this moment as a valuable opportunity to engage deeply with yourself now.

Back off a bit and ask a good friend to come with you. Analyzing, exploring and philosophizing together – that’s what magic mushrooms are made for.