PRINCE GEORGE — Prince George, Fraser-Fort George, McBride, Valemount and Mackenzie are receiving $1,708,297 from the Strategic Community Investment Fund, announced MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris.

Funding is coming from the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Program and the Small Community Grant program, part of almost $74 million being invested into communities across B.C. to help cover costs of policing, new equipment, increased community safety initiatives, infrastructure and other priorities.

Prince George is receiving $821,861 in Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Funding.

Other regional communities are receiving Small Community Grants. Mackenzie is receiving $311,711, while Fraser-Fort George is receiving $115,813. McBride is receiving $239,806, while Valemount is receiving $219,106.

“The Strategic Community Investment Fund was established to stimulate local economies, create jobs and encourage overall growth,” Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond said. “This funding provides flexibility to communities and allows them to address local needs and priorities.”

“Both the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program and the Small Community Grant program will benefit our communities,” Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris said. “Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing funds will enhance  community safety and policing while the Small Community grants will help our communities work toward priority projects.”

The Strategic Community Investment Fund includes the Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing Program, Small Community Grant and Regional District Grant Programs. The Traffic Fine Revenue Sharing program directly assists eligible municipalities that pay police enforcement costs. Funding comes from ticket fines and court-imposed fines on violation tickets. Small Community Grants apply to communities with less than 20,000 and are used for infrastructure, to ensure stable administration and service delivery priorities.

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