PRINCE GEORGE – The provincial government is providing $50,000 to College of New Caledonia to develop training and resources aligned with in-demand occupations in a range of sectors for students with disabilities.

College of New Caledonia’s funding is part of nearly $1.3 million being delivered to twenty public post-secondary institutions throughout the province as part of the one-year anniversary of B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint.

“Through B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint, our government is working to ensure all British Columbians are first in line for jobs in our province. We know that persons with disabilities are currently underrepresented in the workforce,” Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond said. “Programs like this will help students living with disabilities access training programs with the necessary supports in place to ensure they can fully participate in the workforce.”

“Our government is making sure that B.C. remains a progressive place for people with disabilities by giving them access to receive high quality trades training and well-paid stable jobs for the future,” Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris said.

The grants also support Accessibility 2024, a 10-year action plan announced in June 2014 that includes goals, actions and long-term measures to make B.C. the most progressive place in Canada for people with disabilities.

The provincial government launched B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint in April 2014 to align funding and programs with in-demand occupations. The Blueprint includes goals to provide better access to technical and trades-related training for learners with disabilities.

B.C. anticipates more than one million job openings by 2022; more than 78 per cent of these positions will require some form of post-secondary education and 44 per cent will need skilled trades and technical workers.