PRINCE GEORGE – Local literacy hero Helen Domshy has been honoured as the recipient of the 2015 Council of the Federation Literacy Award for B.C.

Prince George MLAs Mike Morris and Shirley Bond presented Helen Domshy with a certificate signed by Premier Christy Clark, a medallion and a $300 cheque.

Through her work as Prince George’s Literacy Outreach Coordinator, Helen Domshy offered plain and clear language workshops, co-ordinated training for volunteer tutors and created locally-relevant programs to help learners improve their well-being.

“I am delighted and honored to receive this award,” Helen Domshy said. “Literacy is not a luxury, but a right. To develop a healthy economy, citizens need to acquire a strong literacy foundation. Literacy also brings increased life satisfactions as it impacts on every aspect of our lives. Thank you to the Prince George community for recognising this fact and developing partnerships to develop and support our citizens.”

“Literacy skills are fundamental to success in life,” Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris said. “By helping people develop strong literacy skills, Helen has helped opens other doors for people in our community.”

“The ability to read and communicate well are skills that many of us take for granted. Helen has worked tirelessly and with a great deal of passion to provide opportunities for people to improve their literacy skills. I’m so glad to see Helen recognized for her hard work and for being a difference maker,” Prince George-Valemount MLA Shirley Bond said. “Thank you Helen, for your dedicated service to our community and region. Congratulations on receiving the very prestigious 2015 Council of the Federation Literacy Award.”

The literacy award, created by the Council of the Federation in 2004, is part of a larger strategy to foster best practices in literacy across Canada. The council comprises of all 13 provincial and territorial premiers. Each province and territory chooses a group or individual that has made a significant contribution to literacy.


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