MLAs issue statement on Ben Meisner

Prince George MLAs Shirley Bond and Mike Morris have issued statements on the passing of Ben Meisner:

“Ben Meisner loved his family, his dog, fishing and Prince George,” Bond said. “He was passionate about our community and province. This was most evident during the course of the last week as he fought valiantly to be able to come home. Sadly that was not the case and today we feel a sense of loss and regret that we will no longer benefit from hearing “One Man’s Opinion”.

“Over the course of more than two decades in elected office, I had countless interviews, conversations and events with Ben. While I never shied away from interviews or debates with him I always knew that the questions would be tough, pointed and designed to hold me and other elected officials to account, and rightly so. After he turned off the microphone we would laugh, talk about our families and how much we loved living in Northern BC.  Bill and I feel very sad today and send our thoughts and prayers to Elaine and the family at this difficult time. Please know that while Ben may be physically gone, none of us will forget that unmistakable voice and the difference he made in our city and province.”

“Prince George and all of Northern BC have lost one of its strongest ambassadors with the passing of Ben Meisner,” Morris said. “His quick mind and wit will be missed by all of us here in Northern BC. As a politician representing Prince George-Mackenzie, he always held my feet to fire and challenged me to see life in the North in all its various aspects as a gift and a privilege to represent its residents. In his own way, he embraced and lifted us all up. Ben will be missed greatly and I pass on my condolences to his wife Elaine and all of his family.”